EESCC Inventory

Entry Form for Documents (Standards, Codes, Guidelines, and Regulations)

This form is intended to capture information on documents (i.e., standards, codes, guidelines, and regulations) relevant to energy efficiency in the built environment. For definitions of different types of documents, please hover over the definition tooltips in the "Type of Document" section below.

Note: the EESCC Inventory is not uploading or collecting the standards or documents themselves, but rather seeking relevant information regarding such documents. 

The EESCC Inventory plays a key role in the EESCC’s efforts to assess the energy efficiency standardization landscape and carry out the development of a standardization roadmap for energy efficiency within the built environment. We thank you for contributing to the success of this initiative. 

Please note: Submitting an entry does not guarantee inclusion in the EESCC standardization roadmap. All entries are subject to review by the EESCC and its working groups to determine whether or not they are within scope.

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